Spring Break Camp 2017


Grades 2-3 and 4-5, 9 am-4 pm
Members: $40
Non-members: $45

April 12: InnerGy!

We all make it. We all use it. We all need it. We’ll make stuff move and get moving ourselves —  in all sorts of crazy ways. From powering yourself up a flight of stairs to powering a car on the highway, we’ll take a fun and hands-on look at energy and all the forms it can take.

Grades 2-3 Online Registration
Grades 4-6 Online Registration

April 13: Feathered Friends

Do you enjoy hearing the birds sing outside or watching them at a bird feeder? This is your chance to become a junior ornithologist for a day! We’ll discover some fascinating facts about our feathered friends, meet some live birds, and play bird games.

Grades 2-3 Online Registration
Grades 4-6 Online Registration

April 14: Tree House

Trees are living things and homes for other living things, including adventurous kids who love tree houses. Let’s take a close look at the trees, ecosystem services they deliver, and the building challenge provided by designing tree houses.

Grades 2-3 Online Registration
Grades 4-6 Online Registration

QUESTIONS! Call (336) 714-7105 or email [email protected] for more information.

Grades 7-8, 9 am-4 pm
Members: $135
Non-members: $150

April 12-14: Rescue to Recovery

Would you like to be an EMT or medical doctor one day? We will do role-playing scenarios to come up with solutions for potentially life threatening situations. You will learn about basic first aid and steps to take until help arrives. We will provide hands-on experiences in an ambulance, tour a medical facility, and practice water safety activities. During this three-day camp, we will meet the health care professionals that go from rescue to recovery every day.

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Thanks to a partnership with Northwest AHEC, scholarships are available.  If you would like to apply for a scholarships please contact Kelli Isenhour at (336) 714-7106 or [email protected].

Kaleideum Summer Camps

SCI-CampBroch16-6Kaleideum Summer Camp 2017 registration is COMING SOON!

For a sample of what to expect during Summer 2017, check out last year’s brochure. 

If you have questions, please email [email protected] or call (336) 714 – 7105.